Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The Human Rights Party (HRP) which is under registration with the RoS and which claims to champion the Indians should actually 'keep out' of the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-elections with nomination day on April 17 while polling day is fixed on April 25.

Its been rumoured that HRP wants its pro-tem secretary-general, P. Uthayakumar to contest.

The justification that 19% of the Indian votes would be for them is impossible to believe since the Barisan Nasional candidate is expected to be from the MIC. There will be a swing of Indian votes to MIC, since MIC would 'buy' these voters. The majority Malays would not vote for HRP since they are branded by UMNO-led BN as racist and only championing for the Indian cause.

By staying out of the race and supporting the PKR candidate, HRP would have a triumph card with Pakatan Rakyat to demand for their rights to be voiced and considered in PR ruled States. At least then their efforts are rewarded and the Indians would continue to support them and their cause.

It is expected that PKR's candidate would be Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, a former Minister in the BN government.

Looking at the ground situation and sentiments, and if Zaid is the candidate for PR and Datuk G Palanivel for BN, the prediction is that PR's Zaid would WIN with a greater majority.

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