Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Whistleblowers Bill tabled for first reading

The Whistleblowers Bill was tabled in Parliament today for first reading today and is expected to be debated within this session.

The opposition has long called for a law to protect whistleblowers and informants especially amid widespread allegations of corruption within government agencies.

The Bill includes protection for whistleblowers to disclose improper conduct in any public or private bodies to any enforcement agency though what may be revealed is governed by existing laws.

It also provides that whistleblowers can lodge complaints on exposures of improper conduct of MPs and state lawmakers.

Under Clause 6 (2) (b) of the Bill, it is stated that whistleblowers can reveal any improper conduct even prior to the commencement of the law — rendering it retroactive if passed.

Clause 7 (1) of the Bill provides that a whistleblower revealing any improper conduct of by any enforcement agency will have his or her confidential information protected, immunity from civil and criminal action and protection against detrimental action.

In the private sector, a whistleblower are protected from his employment upon making complaints as provided under Clause 10 (5) of the Bill.

The Bill was the product of the Abdullah administration who vowed to make the fight against graft as the hallmark of his government.

courtesy of Malaysian Insider

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